5 Things you need to know to set up your online teaching business?

Online Presence:

You should have an online presence on Facebook, Instagram, and as a starter. Then if you're looking to set it big, you should actually have a website and a landing page. The website can be created by any platform. It can be in wix which can be managed by your own, But you would want to do it in WordPress, but if you're looking to do it in an SEO, or AdWords behind it. If you are a business where you have a b2c reach, and a lot of your business would be done through mobile. You should have an app as well. So your App in Play Store is a necessity.

Good quality courses and an LMS

If you're trying to set up an online education o business, then you should have your courses ready, you should have a very clear, learning methodology for the student. You should have a very clear understanding of what is the USP and the outcome of every module. The whole course structure should be part of an ecosystem which, popularly known as an LMS which can support our teacher, our students learning through learning journey through different modules, and which can be accessed and have a very clear monitoring system in your end.

Online Examination Portal:

Online assessment is the norm and is the future of all examinations. Even the government coming out and saying that most of the examinations are going to be online. Students are also accustomed to being in an environment where they are giving online examination. through mobile, or maybe through a computer. A comprehensive proctoring and feedback platform for the online examination adds value to the whole delivery mechanism.

Video Content:

A video generates 300% more attention for the viewer than an image or a text. So, videos on the course is an absolute necessity. The teacher has to be comfortable in creating videos and for the courses. Every course ideally should have an explainer video accompanied by detailed content.

Digital Marketing:

Any teacher can have world-class content and the rest of the technologies in place but without the necessary digital marketing expertise, everything is fruitless. The teacher needs to have the knowledge of digital marketing which can then establish him/her as a business in the online space.

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